Champagne Marketing Mastermind
What's Included
  • Weekly structured round table style video call (led by Derek Champagne). This Mastermind group contains up to 10 peers.  
  • Weekly progress and accountability reports to help you make ongoing first downs with your business marketing.
  • Monthly reading - each month our group covers one new marketing book where we extract key concepts to discuss throughout the month. 
"Being a part of the Champagne mastermind group has been one of the most impactful resources in my life. On top of the high level content, advice and information provided, being able to connect and create relationships with other passionate people who are at the top of their organizations has been wonderful."  - Alex Foulkes- CEO RXConsulting | Owner Penny Lane Pub
How Does It Work
  • Rotating PITM (person in the middle) where your business is the spotlight on designated week for group to focus on upper limit challenges in your marketing.
  • Private Facebook Group for members to continue the discussion outside of the Video meetings.
  • Ongoing email communication with Derek and other group members.
Cost & Commitment
Space for Derek's Mastermind Group is limited. We request a 6 month commitment so that your members can add value to your business and so you can add value in return. 

The monthly investment is $500.
Mastermind Purpose
The Champagne Marketing  Mastermind was developed to help small business owners and marketing directors achieve growth and a higher level of thinking. This mastermind enables like-minded individuals to engage in conversations, share ideas, and offer constructive feedback on ways to grow each others' businesses. 
About Derek Champagne
Derek is a serial entrepreneur with over 16 years of experience developing effective marketing campaigns. He is the Founder & CEO of The Artist Evolution, a full service agency building memorable brands, marketing tools and campaigns for startups to household brands. Derek is also the author of the best-selling marketing book: Don't Buy a Duck and the host of the Business Leadership Series podcast and syndicated radio show (ESPN).

Message from Derek

" Being part of a Mastermind group has been life changing for me. My group holds me accountable, challenges me, works through upper limit challenges, problem solving, sharing of best and newest practices, and makes me a better marketer and businessman. They are like my personal board of advisors. I created this Mastermind series to provide this same elite experience to others who want to excel in marketing and business and who don't want to do it alone! " 
"In today's predominantly remote work world, it is increasingly difficult to encounter emerging ideas (especially ones where someone isn't trying to sell you something), hard to connect with colleagues in different industries, and, most of all, tough to find a group of fresh eyes to help solve a real-world challenge you're facing . This mastermind group regularly delivers all three, and more, in a way that is consistent, credible and encouraging!"
- Brian Bollinger- Head of Communications | Green Building Holdings

"Derek's weekly mastermind has been an incredible value. I have gained insights that have galvanized me and a high-caliber community that has challenged me to level up in various facets of life (including but not limited to business). Derek & his team are of high integrity and purposefulness. I highly recommend!"  - Scott Doty - Founder/Chief Brain, BrainStorm Tutoring & Admissions | Creative Director, www.thescottdoty.com
Apply Now to Join the Group 
This application gives us a quick glimpse at where your company is at and helps us start the process of deciding what group would work best for you. Don't worry! This is only step one.

Once submitted, we'll review and be in touch. You should see an email from us within 5 business days on how to proceed.

Already joined and ready to pay? 

"The caliber of professionalism and willingness to support each other in this group is unprecedented and to have access to the share knowledge and experience of such folk has been truly an honor and a blessing."
James Maltby, President I Explainify 

This mastermind group is the BEST educational investment for any employer looking to maximize their marketing teams and achieve exceptional results. It's a powerhouse of knowledge, strategy, and support that's greatly improved all of our marketing efforts.

"Navigating the marketing landscape can feel like stepping onto a complex sports field with countless tasks to tackle from campaigns to plan and strategies to implement, to analytics to learn from and funnels to narrow. However, Derek Champaign's mastermind group, comprised of seasoned marketing and business experts, not only changes the rules of the game but also transforms marketing into a team sport. With this group, you'll find yourself on a winning team, rather than facing a daunting mountain to climb alone."
Corrine Drury I Scaling UP! H2O I Executive Producer

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